Ask Werehog RP


"Welll you're so soft and warm... *I snuggled the werehog, nuzzling him as well.*

you too. But not the soft *he nuzzled*

Beffy:i want my ring back err


"You could give me one big hug, couldn't you?"


snuggles with werehog * i wove you


Uh….. Yeah.

Sorry Guys!

I have to be log out for a while! don’t worry i’ll be! make sure you fill my ask

"Wow! You can stretch your arms out like that? That's cool!"

It’s neat!

"So what else is different about you. Do you have any knew special abilities?"

*he smacks his head* oh yeah! I fogort! *he streches his arm across litltle sonic*

"A werehog huh... That sounds... interesting..."


"So, what exactly are you supposed to be? I know you're a hedgehog, but you look different..."

I’m sota werewolf, and still a hedgehog. So i’m a werehog.

*I snuggled the fluffy Sonic.*

he hugs him back*

"Not all anons are bad... Do you have a soft place for me to sit, my bottom is one big bruise right now..."

Yeah *he placed sonic on his lap*



"Some anons attacked me and beat me up... They also spanked me..." *I moaned a bit from soreness.*

*he gets angry* I can just punch them in the face right now!! and tear there torso… maybe.. 

*I waved hello to the Fluffy Sonic, but tried to hide my bruises.*

Oh, hey! *he noticed some bruises on his arm* Wow?! What happen?